Love One Another Challenge Bundle
Love One Another Challenge Bundle
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Love One Another Challenge Bundle

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We're. just. so. busy.

I get it - believe me, I do! Between carpools and laundry and homework and business and church and groceries, we're lucky if we remember to make sure our shoes match before we walk out the door, right? I'm right there with you and I'm pretty sure you'd respond with a praise hands emoji if it was an option!

The great thing about this bundle is that it's the perfect challenge for you to do on your own, with your kids, as a family, or as a small group. Whether you choose to challenge yourself to show an act of kindness & love each day and fill in those hearts on the calendar pages or challenge your kids to beat you filling up their bingo board, it makes thinking of new ways to show love to those around us easy and fun!

I created the Love One Another Challenge sheets as a way to work on cultivating this important character trait in myself and my kiddos because I want love to be the foundation of who we are individually and as a family. Developing the habit of looking for opportunities to love those around us - spouse, kids, family, friends, neighbors, even those we don't know - is directly following Jesus' words in John 15:12 - "Love one another just as I have loved you." I'm so excited to share this tool with you and can't wait to see how you use it in your home!

Changing the world can seem like such an overwhelming mission, but if we take the time to truly love those around us, we can change our little corner of it...and when we're all working to make those around us feel loved, we're changing THEIR world, too. You with me? Let's do it!


This Bundle includes:
   * Love One Another Monthly pages
       - February 2019 & Blank Page to use any month
       - Each day you show an act of love, color in the heart for that day
       - At the end of the month, you can literally see how much love you put in it!
   * Love-In-Action Bingo page
       - Ideal for an adult or family to do together!
   * Love-In-Action for Kids Bingo page
       - Perfect actions to challenge little hearts to show love on their own!
   * 50 Ways to Show Love page
       - Use this to kick-start your challenge with 10 ideas for each love language!


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